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About Us

LaserNet has been in operation since 2005, we were one of the very first internet service providers in South Africa to deliver high speed internet to end users at a time where anything over 2Mbps was not only expensive but also nearly impossible. 

LaserNet has negotiated selective partnerships with industry leading vendors with a single common goal: to deliver transformational solutions that alleviate the internal and external pressures that organisations face every day.

LaserNet continues to develop flexible solutions underpinned by a service orientated architecture approach (SOA) and a world class video network that continues to transform the digital production environment and enable companies to embrace and profit from the challenges and opportunities of today’s digital media economy.

Today, the Johannesburg office has been expanded to include branches in Cape Town, Durban and Knysna.

The newest branch to the stable is the Knysna branch, where LaserNet, has once again partnered with industry leaders to deploy a high speed FTTx network designed to boost the town's economy and will continue this expansion to other towns within our borders.

LaserNet Group Companies

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