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The LaserNet network is well-known as the internet service provider that provides the following

  • High Speed Uncapped Internet

  • No Line Throttling

  • 99.9% Uptime

  • Multiple Last Mile Options

  • Upstream Redundancy

  • Failover Options

  • Synchronous speeds


  • VoIP provides a lower cost alternative to traditional networks

  • Calls costs are substantially lower than landlines and premicells

  • VoIP is scalable on an individual channel basis and extra phones can be added without additional telephone cabling

  • For multi-site organisations, all internal phones can be on the same network, so calls between sites within the organisation are potentially toll free

  • Number portability is assured

  • Disaster recover is fast, with same day line switching to an alternate location

  • VoIP is ideally suited to all businesses, and higher volume customers financially benefit even further, as the capacity requirements increase without linear increase in connectivity charges.


Does your event lack connectivity?  Contact our sales team today for a quotation that will blow your guests away

All we need is line of sight to one of our many highsites in order to provid you with uncapped internet services

Typical clients make use of event internet for the following solutions:

  • Guest Wi-Fi

  • Video Streaming

  • App Demonstrations/launches


Due to popular demand, LaserNet has recently added internal network support, hardware and software sales to it's list of services.

Products available:

Firewall Hardware



Wi-Fi Equipment

Firewall management

Microsoft SPLA Licenses

Microsoft Office 365 licenses

On site support by qualified technicians who work closely with our network team to provide you with seamless support.

The above falls under our newly formed solutions department

contact today for a quotation.

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