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We appreciate our resellers and as such make it a viable business opportunity to on sell our services, offering rebates from 10% from your very first client.

We guarantee that the price list published will always be what we offer any client who contacts us, so your client has no financial incentive to deal with us directly.

Two options for billing:  Either we bill you and you bill your client, or we bill your client and you invoice us for your rebate.

•Key selling points:

•High Speed Internet

•Radio Installations within 5 working days

•2 Week POC’s available to any potential new client to test the solution

•24/7 Support

•Maximum contention ratio of 5:1

•No fair usage policy (your client’s will never be throttled)

•We also offer fibre with radio failover should the client require this service

•Our offering is silver service

•99.5% uptime

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