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Media Services

Whether you're a production house, post facility, DIT or an advertising agency, LaserNet's Media Team have a solution for almost all of your needs.

Services include:

  • International Upload and Download Services at High Speeds

  • Digital Media Deliveries

  • Long Form Content Deliveries to Broadcasters

  • Archiving

  • Transcoding

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The Benefits

With technology that creates a more fluid infrastructure, content owners can begin to realise the business benefits that stem from an open, flexible operating environment.


Reduce overhead costs and shorten production time. LaserNet provides solutions that help enable clients to embrace a digital environment. Customers can reduce manual processes and redundant data entry, and improve organisational productivity by connecting key production systems with operational applications, such as resource management and planning or scheduling systems. In addition, our solutions can help shorten production timelines by enabling dynamic workflows that support nonlinear creative and production processes.

Enable secure, cost-effective content distribution. With LaserNet’s solution, our clients can apply security to content and minimize piracy. In addition, LaserNet’s solution empowers clients to implement digital or IP-centric networks, a move which reduces the high distribution costs associated with existing satellite and proprietary methods.

Repurpose assets for multiple delivery channels. Today’s audiences want content to be accessible in a myriad of ways: TV, Internet, mobile etc. LaserNet’s SOA platform enables a seamless, automated exchange of information both within a client's infrastructure and with external partners, such as other parent networks, post-production etc. This “bridge” of sharing helps to shorten content delivery cycles and increase the number of delivery options, and helps provide a cost-effective, competitive edge in a highly competitive and dynamic industry.

Increase workflow efficiency while lowering costs. Creation of content requires a high degree of input from various producers, writers, audio and video specialists, and others. Schedules, programming strategies, or marketing campaigns often depend on input from experts both inside and outside company walls. The LaserNet solution empowers a collaborative working environment that helps to increase workflow efficiency, enhance communication and lower costs.

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