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Aerial View of a Suburb

LaserNet is ICASA licensed network operator specialising in high speed networking since 2006. 


Our fibre network specialists bring your municipality, residential or business estate into the 21st century and beyond with our futureproof fibre optic and smart city solutions at no cost to the development, municipality or estate, no minimum uptake is required in certain areas. 

LaserNet does not bill the end users because our network solution is what is popularly known as an Open Access Network, meaning that occupants pay the internet service provider from our list for the services that they choose.

Networking and smart city solutions have their foundations in a comprehensive fibre optic network, by signing up with LaserNet to exclusively provide that network you are ensuring that the latest technological advancements will be applied to your environment.

Fibre optics are used not only for data communication such as internet, but also for telephony, security, IoT and video on demand services.  

The LaserNet solution delivers not only the fibre optic infrastructure, but also a partner in your growth and development backed by a company that has been building networks for over a decade.

For more information and a detailed proposal specific to your needs please send an e-mail to 

Futureproof Your Suburb / Town / Estate with A LaserNet Fibre Optic Network 

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